Andersen Pinckney

Game Design & Data Science


Unifying Data and Development

About my passion

We live in a data-driven worldWhen it comes to designing games, we need to evolve our pipelines so data has a larger influence on our design decisions...

... this is my passion.

Data allows us to optimize our design decisions, monetize smarter, and create experiences for our users that far exceed what we previously were able to do. 

My recent work is a combination of systems design, data analytics, and UX. I focus on developing F2P reward systems that feel valuable, interfaces that are intuitive to navigate, and inform these decisions with data we gather from user KPIs and qualitative feedback.

Game Development Reel

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Champlain College Senior Game

Vacuum Vault

Ubisoft Game Lab Competition

Descent of Champions

 Award Winning! 

A Published Mobile Game


Personal Kickstarter Project

Trumped Tweets

Research on Mobile Development

Reward Cycles

Individual Project

Pet Shop

A little about me...


My Personality in a Nutshell

Social, Hiker, Gamer, Cook, Motivated

Somewhere on top of Mt. Mansfield

I'm a gamer, but I typically geek out on designing games over playing games. For example, I find the unique monetization strategy of a mobile game more intriguing than a gameplay trailer. I definitely enjoy playing games, but my drive as a developer comes from observing the minute details and intricate thought put into games and apps.

When I'm not doing game-related activities, you can typically find me climbing a mountain. I love being active and outdoors to help tame my wicked gamer bod.


My favorite time to play games is with friends. I'm a huge fan of card and board party games as well as local multiplayer games. Having a drink with friends over a game or socializing at an event is one of my favorite ways to recharge.

Bacon, smoked turkey, maple-infused egg, habanero cheddar, pepper jelly, maybe some mayo, toasted ciabatta

I love to cook. Breakfast foods and sandwhiches are my favorite thing to make. I love experimenting with simple recipes to make really tasty meals.

Meeting new people has always been important to me. All of my past job experiences have included customer services, sales, instruction, etc... (see more on my resume). Communication comes naturally to me as I've always found myself in exciting social situations.

Overall, I'm trying to live my life to the fullest. I set my goals high, take risks, and learn at every opportunity.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott

"Shake 'n bake baby!" - Ricky Bobby

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