Reward Systems

Independent Research Project

Reward Systems (2018)

Research Process

- Define a reward system

- Reference successful reward systems

- Deconstruct references to find commonalities

- Build an outline based on findings

- Create a hypothesis on the construction of a reward cycle

- Test hypothesis on random mobile games

- Analyze results and feedback

- Create my own model based on my conclusions

Project Overview

Over the course of a semester, my assignment was to research a topic of choice and present my findings on it. I wanted to study reward systems with a focus on mobile games. I focused my research on the reward cycles that make up a reward system.

By the end of the project, I created a model (that works!) to define how reward cycles are built, I presented three milestones with research and findings on my topic, and I created a poster version of my model. Click on the diagram to see the full version!


Click for

Full Version

Project Outcome

At the end of the project, I created a formula for how a reward cycle is made. My initial goal was to create a formula that creates good reward cycles, but my model works for all qualities! I found that the model I made demonstrates how to properly outline your rewards, but it doesn't necessarily make them any better. From my research, I found that the outline works for all types of games, those which both good and bad reward systems. 

If you want to deconstruct your own reward cycle, click on the diagram to see full details. 

To see my final presentation, you can download the PowerPoint that goes over both my model and reward systems in mobile games. It has research on mobile development, examples of the reward cycle, and some important information about the ethics of using reward systems for profit.

Final Presentation

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