Project Update

This project was published to Steam as Eira: Echoes of Adventure. This page covers the proof of concept of the original game. Once green-lit, the team size grew to 20+ developers. The game currently has a 92% positive review and is available on PC, Mac, and Linux. There are about 4 hours of original content, but some player have over 20 recorded hours of game time. 

Steam Page:

Vacuum Vault

Lead Designer & Product Owner

- Team organization and leadership

- Systems design

- Interaction design

- Particles and feedback

- UI design

- Event programming
- Level direction

- Documentation

Project Overview

Vacuum Vault is a casual adventure game where the player uses a vacuum gun to suck up the world, rebuild broken structures, and engage with alien wildlife in attempts to uncover a lost treasure.

We wanted to create vacuum gun based gameplay that hasn't been seen before in other games. Our vacuum gun uses a unique combination of terraforming (with our implementation of the marching cubes algorithm), structure repair, combat, and puzzle-solving to deliver a non-linear level-based adventure. 

Currently, Vacuum Vault is a vertical slice, but we more than tripled our team size to continue development in the spring 2020 semester.

The Capstone Process

For our senior capstone, 23 teams of 4-5 members created a vertical slice of a game in 13 weeks. At the end of the development period, teams presented their work and were evaluated by industrial professionals. We were 1 of 8 teams that moved forward into development next semester. Our team grew to 16 members eager to develop and publish Vacuum Vault before graduation. 

Plans Moving Forward

We have some big plans for development...

- Publish on PC and 1 major Console

- Develop multiple codependent levels 

- Implement progression to unlock new features within levels

- Original soundtrack

- Updated visuals

- Advanced marching cube implementations 

Geode Clam Protecting a Chest
Looking Back

Our team is very proud of the work we did. We commit over 1400 collective hours to create Vacuum Vault in 13 weeks. As we made our way through the semester, several struggles could have been avoided from a change in process.

- Solidify art direction earlier

- More clearly identify the player motivations

- Establish a stronger context

We have a very strong vertical slice of systems and interactions. We are actively challenging these struggles, but if we attacked them earlier in developing our game Vacuum Vault would be a more complete experience.

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